All Services are for adults age 18 and up

Fees: $100 online session, $115 in-home session, $45 class session

Insurance not accepted. Reimbursement may be possible through your insurance.


Learn natural relaxation techniques in one session!

I can guide you through: deep breathing, counted breath, progressive muscle relaxation, visualization and meditation. Sessions can be either individual or

as a class. Note: this is not a psychotherapy group: just folks joining together online to relax, or as I say, 'get our noodle on'. So grab some comfortable clothing and learn what your body and mind can do for you!

Life Coaching

Life Coaching may be for you if you are wanting to advance to 'the next level'

in your life. That 'next level' may be about your relationships, your financial health, spiritual health, physical health, or career. There is a technique I use that I call 'Therapy without Therapy' that has the power to:

* motivate you

* generate epiphanies (the 'light bulb', or 'A-haa!' moment)

* give you positive perception so you can see opportunities

* enhance creativity

* reduce anxiety


I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the states of Illinois and Virginia.

Anxiety, Phobias, Depression, Trauma (military/combat, sexual assault, emotional trauma, childhood trauma, domestic violence, vehicle accidents, traumatic grief).

I use a variety of methods including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), EMDR, In-vivo therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy and my 'Therapy without Therapy technique'.

If you are seriously in need of assistance: suicidal, homicidal, or suffer from hallucinations or delusions, online services are not enough in my opinion. If you are actively suicidal or homicidal, please go to the nearest ER in your area. For therapy, it is more beneficial for you to see someone in person and in your regional area.

For an online appointment, there is an online schedule feature on the homepage.

For in-home appointments or questions, please call me at 757-819-5974.

You can also email generalized questions to davisdynamicsworks@gmail.com