Clinical Supervision

I remember being fresh out of college. I was excited! I was determined! And I prayed that nobody saw that I was scared. 

I had so many questions I needed answers to. Our clients depend on us, and they deserve a competent therapist. With time, practice, supervision, workshops, and fantastic colleagues, I slowly developed competence. Our clients deserve nothing less. 

I am currently accepting consultations for Clinical Supervision. The consultation is free. We need to ensure that this is a good match. In order for this to be possible, you must live in the Hampton Roads area of VA, you must be providing counseling services, and you are either a MSW or LSW. 

As recommended by the NASW, I will use a combination of didactic-task centered and experiential-existential models for clinical supervision. That is, task-centered and reflective. The goal is for you to be skilled at doing clinical social work tasks, and being able to excel at critical thinking. We will focus on the

ten core competencies, ethics, boundaries, documentation, diagnosis, advocacy, and more. I WILL be encouraging you to take good care of yourself, and to advocate for yourself when needed. 

The next step is to call me. We can ask each other questions to determine if this may be a good supervisor/supervisee fit. If so, you and I will choose a time for a free consultation. 


You can also use the 'contact' tab to email me. This tab is located on the home screen.